IMPORTANT: How To Contact Us

For those who don’t know, I use Google Voice to allow people to call me. I was informed last night, rather abruptly, that my phone will no longer be able to notify me of who’s calling at the current number starting at around this time. I am currently looking into this and I may have found a way to bypass this. I will still be able to receive calls but I won’t be able to tell who’s calling when it forwards to my home phone. This will add a bit of a delay to phones for a while and I will have to update the family on what to do when they hear Google Voice on the other end. Texting and voice mails will still be available and emails are still gladly accepted. I’m hoping this blog, the Facebook page, and the email address are valid replacements for people. Their networks might be having issues or something like that and they can’t do that, I don’t know we have to see what happens with this Google Voice thing.


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